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My New Bike!

For 6 years we were inseparable.  But let's be honest.  My now defunct bike was a city bike.  It was not meant to climb the cornices of Normandy, to race clear across Paris day after day through rain, sleet, snow, and wind.  So.  It cracked.  Literally:

Yes.  The frame broke.  You do not want this to happen while you are riding down a busy street.  I felt I was loosing control of by bike and had the good sense to get off it.  As I began walking it home, the crack widened until the poor dear dropped to the ground.
Thank goodness for no-smoking laws!  A helpful fellow out for a smoke was kind enough to help me out. He used some internet cable to tie up my bike so I could walk the rest of the way home.
That's all that left after salvaging wheels, snazzy pedals, Chinese bell, extra sturdy basket:  an unrecognizable cadaver. 
But once she was a beauty... She will be fondly remembered.

The BIKE is dead; long live the BIKE!

My new bike!!!  Now this is for racing, climbing, zooming, flying!