Deauville Map
Tour of Deauville
Deauville in December


Elisheva's Horses
Michael and Leeloo

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Tour of Deauville

Here are some of my favorite things in Deauville~

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dadmomorny.jpg (120538 bytes)
My parents at Place Morny
earlyplanches.jpg (55409 bytes)
Early morning at the seaside
itzickwillow.jpg (83086 bytes)
My husband Henri in our garden
touques.jpg (54563 bytes)
The Touques River
mdvillaguitr.jpg (51332 bytes)
Michael and his guitar
erevsets.jpg (22954 bytes)
eliquickly.jpg (67015 bytes)
Elisheva with Quickly
mdmarie.jpg (86753 bytes)
The Town Hall
mdrolls.jpg (38444 bytes)
Roller-blading along the beach
dadmom.jpg (56260 bytes)
A pretty square
deauvillebeach.jpg (43141 bytes)
Late afternoon at the shore
momdadcasino.jpg (74733 bytes)
The Casino of Deauville
itzraces.jpg (66240 bytes)
Henri at the races
painting.jpg (61446 bytes)
Hey, we're not done yet!
mebleachers.jpg (79923 bytes)
Me at the race track
lelovilla.jpg (47848 bytes)
Our budgie Leeloo
verylate.jpg (19636 bytes)
Long after sunset

Jumping with Escurial
villastrassb.jpg (56083 bytes)
The villa Strassburger
horsegul.jpg (45505 bytes)
A dip in the ocean
race1.jpg (30076 bytes)
At the finish line!