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The Euro is strong--great time to order books on and fly to NY on the money saved!

bullet King Artus: A Hebrew Arthurian Romance of 1279
bullet Max Weinreich's History of the Yiddish Language
bullet The Periodic Table
bullet The Drowned and the Saved
bullet The Art of Biblical Narrative
bullet The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Inferno
bullet Mimesis
bullet The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Purgatorio
bullet A Tale of Love and Darkness
bullet The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri: Paradisio
bullet Happiness: A History
bullet Of a World that is  More
bullet Chocolate
bullet Major Trends in Jewish Mysticism
bullet Hannah's Suitcase
bullet Happiness: the science behind your smile
bullet A Traveler Disguised: The Rise of Modern Yiddish Fiction in the Nineteenth Century
bullet Yom-Tov Lipman Heller: Portrait of a Seventeenth Century Rabbi
bullet Man's Search for Meaning
bullet Jewish Mysticism and Jewish Ethics
bullet If this is a man
bullet The Best of the Nebulas
bullet Soldier of the Great War
bullet The Lunar Men
bullet The Embodied Mind   ^^^^^^^^
bullet Existential Psychotherapy   *
bullet Modern English-Yiddish Dictionary
bullet Ballet Shoes 
bullet What is Life?   !!!!!!
bullet Freud and Freud and Lolita
bullet Thus Spoke Zarathustra    *
bullet A Universe of Consciousness  !!!!!
bullet All Rivers Run to the Sea
bullet Inner Presence  !!!!!!
bullet Animals in Translation
bullet Linear Algebra    *  
bullet The Handicap Principle  
bullet The Literary Animal 
bullet The Economic Naturalist  
bullet Love's Executioner    
bullet Narrative Theory and the Cognitive Sciences 

Acts of Meaning    ^^^^^^


Handbook of Bilingualism

bullet Freakonomics  

In Search of Memory 

bullet Adele & Simon         **
bullet Searching for Memory *
bullet Shure se110
bullet Junior Vet! *
bullet Intuition 
bullet Identity and Story     ^^^
bullet Tales from a traveling couch

I am a Strange Loop

bullet Non Commutative Algebra

JVC Noise Cancellation       !!!!!

bullet The Head Trip    !!!!!!!!

Principles of Psychology 1 

bullet Principles of Psychology 2    !!!!!

Shure 5 Noise Isolation   !!!!!!

bullet In the Image

How about some French and Hebrew books for Anglophone family and friends!


Madame Rosa

bullet One Way     **
bullet The Ogre
bullet The House of Scorta


bullet Adjusting Sights        
bulletTime to update my Star Trek DVD collection:  Kahn Home Undiscovered                 
bullet Hiding and Seeking     *     ^^^
bullet Divan    *

These are some of the great books I ordered in past years from Amazon:
as you can see, I love popular science books!

bullet The Artful Universe: The Cosmic Source of Human Creativity
I was reading this one in Africa...and I felt as if it was written for me.  A truly wonderful book!
bullet The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
bullet The Quantum World
bullet Jerusalem: or on Religious Power and Judaism by Mendelssohn is a remarkable book and a cornerstone to understanding modern Judaism.
bullet Moses Mendelssohn and the Religious Enlightenment  by Alan J. Sorkin, is the perfect companion to the first source.

The Selfish Gene--A classic; I couldn't put it down.


The Language of Genes : Solving the Mysteries of Our Genetic Past, Present and Future


The Double Helix : A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA


Two great books for Math nerds.
The Mystery of Aleph
Dueling Idiots


How about this new computer game: Knights of the Old Republic!


Some fun DVDs History of the World and Hellboy

One of my favorite science fiction authors is Dan Simmons:

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