Steaming hot chocolate when coming in from the snow, moist brownies with a cold glass of milk on a summery afternoon, chocolate truffle with espresso to crown a perfect meal in a fine Parisian restaurant...chocolate is indeed the gift of the gods, present at special occasions and everyday joys alike!

Someone recently asked me, Why can't you live without chocolate?   Well, I CAN live without chocolate, I just don't choose to. If I abstain for over a week, I no longer feel "addicted". But why abstain?  Chocolate is not a snack, and it's not a vice. With a cup of coffee, it's a great breakfast on the run. It is a nutritious way to get moving during the "afternoon blues". It's a treat after a long hard day. It is the perfect finish to a fine meal shared with a loved one. It's smooth, sensual, and adult.   So, I ask you:


So bring over a good cup of coffee with a square or two or deep rich chocolate, and enjoy your visit to my delicious chocolate site!

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Chocolate! Sinfully delightful!