The Free Knitting Pattern Netring

If you are new to the internet please don't join until you own your own web page and are familiar with the way the internet works. Please do not try and sign up using your internet provider's website as your homepage. Please DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR KNIT BLOG unless you actually have a complete original free pattern on your page or a clear link to a free patterns page!

What is a Netring?

A netring is a way of linking web sites that have a similar theme, this one being free knitting patterns.

Each member of the netring displays a netring link on their page which allows visitors to link directly to other pages with the same topic. This guarantees that the next site they visit will be of interest to them and will have valuable content. It also eliminates the more annoying aspects of many search engines, that is, slow response times and the many unrelated sites that they come up with.

Netrings also generate more traffic for the page owners and cut down on the time they might spend updating their links pages as new members can join the ring at any time and their site is automatically reachable from any page that is already in the ring.

Searching for Patterns

If you would like to search for patterns simply go to the ring code at the bottom of this page and click on the appropriate link. These will take you either to a page that contains free knitting patterns or a list of several pages, depending on which link you click on. Please do not join the netring if you are just looking for patterns.

 What are the Conditions of Joining the Free Knitting Pattern Netring?

To join the ring your site must comply with the following:

  1. You must be the owner and/or maintainer of the page you are adding to the netring.
  2. You must be over 13 years of age (This is a Ringsurf requirement).
  3. Your site must be in English or have an English version.
  4. You must have at least one free knitting pattern on your page.

  5. Please note: I do not accept pages that only contain links as I feel that the links pages already in the netring cover as many pages as possible in this area.  I do not accept knit blogs unless there is a complete original free pattern easily accessible either on the submitted page or a clear link to a free patterns page!  The pattern must be easily accessible without requiring the visitor to enter an email or snail mail address.
  6. You must own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright owners to display their work. This is very important! I will not allow sites that contain illegal copies of patterns into the ring. This is not only for the protection of the copyright owners, but also for my own legal protection as owner of the Free Knitting Patterns Netring. If you're not sure about copyright as it applies to craft patterns, there is a very good article on The Australian Copyright Council's website at The article is "Information Sheet G21, Hobby Crafts and Copyright", which can be downloaded at no cost.
  7. Your site may be a private homepage or a commercial site. I'd have a lot fewer knitting books if I didn't visit the free patterns pages on commercial sites!
  8. You must display the Free Knitting Patterns netring code and image logo on the page that you have signed up. If you do not place the code on the html file listed when you sign up the Ringsurf software will not be able to find it and I will not know you have added it. This is very important! Details of how to add the code are in the next section of this page.

PLEASE NOTE:  If the information you submit is erroneous (email failure, site inaccessible) or if your site is not directly related to knitting, I WILL DELETE YOUR SUBMISSION IMMEDIATELY without any prior notice.  

Every site submitted is rigorously reviewed before being added to the member's circle. Any site containing anything unsuitable (nudity, racism, etc...) for family viewing will be deleted from queue and certainly never be added to the ring!

Like to Join the Ring? Read On!

To join the Free Knitting Patterns Netring simply fill in the following form. (DO NOT SIGN UP IF YOU DO NOT OWN A WEB PAGE ALREADY CONTAINING FREE KNITTING PATTERNS!!!)  You will then receive an email with your site ID number and the netring code that must be added to your page.

After you have added the code to your page e-mail me and I will review your site.  If all requirements are met (code is correct, free pattern is up, suitable content throughout), I will add you to the ring!

Please note: You must notify me that you have added the netring code within four weeks of filling out the following form. If not, you will be automatically removed from the netring. You may then re-submit your site and try again if you wish.

Click here to submit a site to the Free Knitting Patterns Netring

The Netring Link

Below is what the ring code will look like on your site. The HTML code will be sent to you via e-mail after you fill in the above form.   Do not copy the code below as it is not designed for your specific site and leads to my personal knitting site and my personal email!  Use only the code sent to you by email or as it is displayed on the new Ringsurf join page.  I have recently reduced the code and image so that it fits most sites and blogs. The image and all the links must be on your page for your site to be eligible for membership. Remember that just putting up the code does not mean you are in the ring:  I REVIEW AND ADD EACH SITE MANUALLY.

This site in the Free Knitting Patterns Netring
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