Stresa, Italy

April 4-14, 2004

Next year in Jerusalem, OK.  But this Passover at the Regina Palace Hotel in Italy!  And lovely it is, here in Stresa.  The weather is PERFECT, thanks to the mountains that protect the necklace of cities around the Lago Maggiore.  The view upon the Borromeo Islands is magnificent.  The entire hotel has been taken over by my glatt kosher matzo eating brethren under the auspices of Ari Galitzky.  The food is excellent and the ambiance is "haimish".  What more can you ask for?

View from our room Early evening The Regina Palace Misty morning
Perfect weather Off to the Borromeos Isola Pescatori Horsing around
Me and husband Is it Pesach or Succoth?! Isola Bella Lago Maggiore
Hotel Garden My Kids Me! Albino Peacock!
Snow Throw Catch Talk