July 25 - August 11, 2005

        We wanted to go far; we wanted to experience the spectacular; we wanted to see astounding starry skies; we wanted to be where the people were friendly and the animals extraordinary; we wanted to experience a multitude of climates and trek through numerous geographical wonders...of course we went to Australia! 
        We started our trip in Sydney (only a 23 hour hop from Paris...), flew north to Lizard Island to snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef, then to Port Douglas and the Daintree Rainforest. Next we flew north-west to Darwin and the Kakadu Reserve, then south to Ayers Rock (Uluru), and finally ended our trip in Melbourne. 
        Want to share our fun? Click on any photo to see it enlarged.

A rainbow greets us Bondi Beach The astounding Bridge Climb! Ferry to Manley
Lizard Island
Afternoon glow nice place to snorkel let's park let's relax
Daintree & Darwin
Jurassic Jungle what was that? Darwin sea coast Darwin sunset
Welcome sign Strolling along... Yellow River native Twin Falls
Ayer's Rock--Uluru
Longitude 131 Sunrise at Uluru Morning at Kata Tjuta meteor crater
original architecture Aussie friend another Aussie friend Moon and Venus