Photo Page


I finally decided to arrange my photo pages so friends and family can access those that interest them.  As we travel a great deal, most are arranged by place.

Winter in Israel Dripping Lights Officer Ceremony 2009 Leeloo 2006 Salon d'Agriculture 2008 Rimini 2006 Italiano! Marva 2006 London 2007 Suddenly Spring Fiszers 2004 April Sunsets Cuba 2003-4 Graduation 2005 Winter in Israel Passover 2008, Herzliya Succos 2008 Our Kids 2008 Paris in Spring Ile Maurice, Mauritius Winter in Israel Paris Blues Taormina, Sicily 2008 Graduation 2007 Graduation Gala Chanukah 2004 Demolition Sardinia 2007 Aussie 2005 Stresa 2004 Pictures From the Past Venice 2006 Rome 2006 Purim 2007 My Kids 2005 Deauville, Winter Fiszers 2002


Old links:
Alaska 1997 Israel 1999 Paris, virtual tour
Rio de Janeiro 1999 Israel--virtual tour Total Eclipse, Zambia 2001
New York, Portugal 1997 Loire and Normandy Deauville, France
Harp, Talmud Russia Corsica, Russia, Venice 1998
Kesten Cousins Sweden, Rio MY NEW BIKE

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