The Demolition

December 2004--January 2005

Right now I should be working on my senior thesis...but some how when the walls come falling down all around you and you must shuffle through rubble for a cup of coffee, you might find your concentration wandering...just a bit

The demolition of the bedrooms and bathrooms of my apartment is two months late...and one month too early...HELP!

The Fun Begins And keeps going
How considerate!  Look at the photo below!  They swept away the debris!  Now I can move around and enjoy the airiness of our bedrooms...I always loved a nice open view... Nothing can give you the feel of what is going on here except perhaps watching a little film!  Click here and follow me through the devastation of my home...but not too worry!  Soon reconstruction will begin!  And there will be banging and sawing and painting and...
 And never seems to stop
The floors are still there Nice and airy Kodak moment
Soooo...if all the bedrooms and the bathroom are gone, where are these guys sleeping, etc?  Well, the upstairs floor with kitchen, living and dining rooms are done, as is a provisional shower in the laundry room.  And the one completed  bedroom is masquerading as an open air closet.  I always loved camping!
 Unlimited Closet Space  Camping out
Comfortably installed in her father's office upstairs, far away from the horrors below, is Elisheva. 

Michael is even farther away at the Technion in Israel, the lucky boy.

The only one who has it good Please don't use this toilet!!!

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