Rimini, Italy

April 12-21, 2006

This year it's Passover at the Grand Hotel Rimini (see Fellini's "Amarcord") on the Adriatic coast of Italy! This historic hotel has been taken over by Avi and Belinda Netzer who have created the warm and lively ambiance, excellent food and great service that makes Pesach here unforgettable! The weather is perfect, the old city center is lovely for wandering around and there is an amazing chocolate shop I will attack as soon as Yom Tov is over!  Two weeks ago we were in Venice...mi piace moltissimo l'Italia and all this is great for my budding Italian (capisco, ma ho un po' paura di parlare).           RETURN here in a few days for my "after Passover diet"!!!

Il Grand Hotel Rimini Us 4 in Hotel Lobby Our Room View
Ponte di Tiberio Piazza Cavour Arco di Augusto
Porta Montanara My Kids una Via

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