Rome, Italy

October 27 - November 1, 2006

The weather is impossibly wonderful and the city is more beautiful, crazy, noisy and alive than I remember it. It is overwhelming to walk through thousands of years of history layered, juxtaposed, and alive all around you.  Here are some photos of our long walks all over the city.

Sunrise from the terrace of the Hassler Hotel View from our hotel atop the Spanish steps Sunrise from the terrace of the Hassler Hotel
Coliseum Pope Julius II library, Vatican Trevi Fountain
Constantine Arc and Coliseum Titus Arc Saint Angelo
Pine Court, Vatican Israelites with Menorah--Titus Arc detail Vatican piazza--by Bernini
Rome Sunset beyond the Vatican Rome
Michael Angelo's La Pieta Capitolini Hill - architecture by Michael Angelo Ruins by night
Spanish Steps Vatican I found Domori chocolate!!! 
Vittoriano Traiano Column--close up Halloween night in Rome